Eskuad Dashboard

Improving usability of a task management web portal

6 Weeks
June 2021 - July 2021
Website Prototypes Built With Figma
My Role
UX Design Lead

I focused on translating research insights into design solutions through development and testing of interactive prototypes.

This was a group project in collaboration with Carolina Munoz who was the team manager.

Project Brief

Eskuad provides a software solution for managing activities in the field. Their solution is two part – a web dashboard for assigning and tracking tasks, and a mobile app for workers to receive and report on tasks.

This service is currently being used by several industries including agriculture, aquaculture, and forestry services.

Problem / Opportunity
The goal of this project is to improve usability of the web portal, and to build out the dashboard allowing managers to have a more comprehensive view of what's happening in the field.


In order to identify a solution, we must understand the problem. We began our process by interviewing managers to better understand their needs. The quotes you see here represent a high-level summary of our findings.

These insights were used to develop a persona, allowing us to better understand the experience through the eyes of the user. If you are interested in learning more, you can get to know our persona here: [PDF]

Managers using Eskuad need real time updates on workers daily tasks so that she can track their performance and establish trust.

Usability Testing

We conducted a series of usability tests with the current Eskuad web portal. Participants were asked to complete simple tasks, and while doing so to explain their decision making process and feelings.

These tests helped us gain insight into what's working and what isn't working for people using the site.

quote saying "when i want to save and i see the red, it feels like I'm doing something wrong."
quote saying "when i want to save and i see the red, it feels like I'm doing something wrong."
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User Flow

These diagrams were created to better understand the step-by-step actions and decisions needed to complete a specific task.

This level of detail was very helpful when communicating with Eskuad's engineer to ensure that the solution is technically feasible.

Exploring Ideas

With a solid research foundation, we were ready to start designing solutions. We started by sketching out as many ideas we could think of to get the discussion flowing.

I lead the process of transforming our sketches into low-fidelity prototypes for usability testing. This provided insight into which interactions work well, and more importantly it helped identify the areas in need of improvement.

Some design decisions were easily agreed upon, while other ideas needed rigorous usability testing and refinement in order to create the best experience possible for our end user.

Usability Testing

I created low-fidelity interactive prototypes to test solutions. The video here shows an example of one interaction from A/B testing. This design was tested in parallel with another version of the same interaction, enabling us to identify which version works best.

Design System

I created a design system document to streamline the development process. It outlines everything an engineer needs to accurately style element in CSS.

This image shows the specifications for styling a button.

button states and css styling

Final Design

This video showcases the process for assigning a new task on the new Eskuad web portal.

Next Steps

Eskuad is pleased with this new design, and as of July 2021 their engineers are hard at work implimenting this design on their client web portal.