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UX DesignCase Study

Increasing confidence and inspiring trust to drive online registration for a company that provides SaaS Sales training.


UX DesignCase Study

Exploring what a social network would look like for Moleskine, a company traditionally known for their analog notebooks.

IFTF Archive

UX DesignHistorical Archiving

Digitizing 50 years of foresight research, increasing accessibility and ensuring long-term preservation.


Immersive IFTF conference experience: Oraclear agents measure truthiness-levels of conference attendees with augmented AI wrist computers.

Industrial DesignInteraction DesignStrategic Foresight

Animals Inc.

Everyday objects from the year 2034, a world where cybernetically augmented animals have teamed up with artificial intelligence to dominate global markets.

Industrial DesignStrategic Foresight


Modular Furniture Bracket & DIY Maker Education for the classroom.

Industrial DesignEducation