Personal Information Processor
3 Months
July 2018 - September 2018
Institute for the Future
My Role
Experience Design Lead
• IFTF Researchers
• Dave Davila, Production Manager
• Matt Ganucheau, Electronics Hardware & Software
• Will Nickley, Logo Design
• The Oraclear Crew

Project Brief

The theme of the 2018 IFTF conference was the future of Trust. Researchers presented stories about what trust looks like today, and how our relationship with trust could evolve over the next decade.

One of the ten-year forecast scenarios presented a fictional company called Oraclear that provides truth verification services. It’s similar to Politifact or Yelp with a focus on an honesty.

Problem / Opportunity
IFTF researchers told the story of Oraclear on stage, but there was an opportunity to immerse conference attendees in this future scenario, letting them interact with people and ideas from this world, and to experience how it would feel.

Outfitting An Oraclear Agent

To bring this strategic forecast scenario to life, I designed costumes for the Oraclear agents to wear at the conference. Each agent is outfitted with a matching jumpsuit and hat with Oraclear-embroidered patches. Custom laminated ID badges and clip boards fill an authoritative aesthetic.

The most crucial piece of Oraclear equipment is the Personal Information Processors (PIP) with integrated AI sentiment analysis.

Oraclear In Action

The goal of Oraclear agents at the conference was to verify the truthiness level of every conference attendee.

This was accomplished by asking a series of questions that the PIP AI cross references with the targets data (social media, location, financial information, criminal record, etcetera). When truthiness verification is complete, the Artificial Intelligence displays a rating on the screen, and we print a label that the conference attendee must wear on their name badge at all times.

This experience design brought the strategic forecast to life. Rather than simply hearing a story about a future scenario, conference attendees had the opportunity to feel what it would be like to live in a world where this scenario is playing out.

In total, over 300 conference attendees had an opportunity to interact with this experience, creating lasting impressions on business leaders from major social media companies, journalists, government officials, and many more.

"It feels like I'm in an episode of Black Mirror."

- Conference Attendee