Open Source Furniture Design
10 Years
August 2018 - November 2018
My Role
Founder, Maker
Global community of teachers and students

Project Brief

What started as my senior thesis for Industrial Design grew into a global community of teachers, students, and makers.

My role has ranged from designer and maker to website developer and public speaker. I love helping people learn more about the built environment, and how to shape that environment. Educators have taken the project a step further and used this platform to teach a wide range of subjects.

The Catalyst

At the heart of each WikiSeat is a Catalyst. This is the structural support, made out of welded angle iron, that helps hold three legs in place. The seat part goes on top.

It is a pretty simple idea, but there are no instructions for how to assemble these parts. We encourage people to find materials rather than buying them from a store. Every WikiSeat is a truly unique creation, a reflection of the creators environment and ideas.

The WikiSeat

The unique pattern on this jewelry helps endangered animals enforce copyright claims on their image. This pattern is known as the Eurion Constellation, it is most often used to prevent money forgery, and can be found on most paper currencies around the world.

In the year 2032, the year Eurion Jewelry became a fashion trend amongst endangered animals. With new laws around endangered animals, it became unlawful to photograph, or distribute images and video of said animals without their consent. These laws were extremely difficult to enforce at first, but the introduction of Eurion Jewelry allowed AI lawyers to enforce copyright in real time.

The more charismatic endangered animals can fetch licensing fees that rival the biggest Hollywood stars. An unfortunate side effect of this technology is that some endangered animals have decided to keep their population numbers low, in order to maintain scarcity and keep the cash flowing in their direction.

Global Community

There are countless active WikiSeat makers around the world. Artists, makers, hackers, library-goers, students, teachers… It doesn’t matter whether people consider themselves a master craftsperson, or if they have never picked up a hammer. WikiSeat is a unique and compelling opportunity to explore what it means to make something.

Want to make a Wikiseat?

If you want to make your own WikiSeat, or if you want to bring this to a classroom near you, visit to learn more. Or feel free to contact me.